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Experts in exploring the health potential of microbiota

Convinced by the new therapeutic era represented by microbiota, Smaltis has been involved for over ten years in the study of roles played by microorganisms in health and well-being. With its innovative models and the acquisition of expertise in designing tailor-made experiments, Smaltis is committed to providing you with its expertise in the field, actively collaborating with you to accelerate the development of your prophylactic or therapeutic health products that target a microbiota.

Enhance the value of your products by entrusting them to a qualified laboratory

Whether your products are derived from microorganisms and/or act on a specific microbiota, optimize and streamline their development by entrusting them to our laboratories.

Smaltis actively supports the development of microorganisms and related products, such as:

  • Live Biotherapeutic Products (LBP)
  • Probiotics
  • Postbiotics
  • Synbiotics…


Our services also support projects based on other active compounds, which may include:

  • Prebiotics
  • Extracts
  • Drug candidates…

A global approach dedicated to your developments

From screening stages to clinical studies










Strain screening,
Collection of strategic and regulatory data,
Identification of optimizations

Search for health benefits,
Description of mechanisms of action,
Identification of biomarkers of interest for (pre)clinical or companion tests

Optimization of the bioproduction process,
Quality controls of products

Verification of the (pre)clinical impact of candidates,
Tracking biomarkers to generate supporting data,
Monitoring of strains


Functional and safety characterization of strains,
Genomic modification of strains

Study of flora modulation,
Study of membrane permeability

Optimization of culture conditions,
Stability study,
Strain inactivation & Controls

Analysis of clinical samples & Metagenomic studies,
Support for data analysis

Our promise: commitment and reliability to facilitate and accelerate your developments

The therapeutic potential revealed through the exploration of microbiota requires science and rigor, values on which Smaltis is uncompromising. The researchers at Smaltis accompany you with their expertise, dedicated equipment, and reliable partners to successfully execute your projects with the precision and flexibility unique to each study. From the development stages to data interpretation, we work hand in hand with your teams to achieve robust and clear results you can rely on.

From the design of manipulations to data interpretation, the project is carried out in partnership with your teams, ensuring complete transparency in terms of results and experiment progress. The goal is to find the best solution for your projects, applying the scientific rigor they require.

For each project, Smaltis commits to deploying all its efforts to finding solutions tailored to your challenges and that overcome the inherent obstacles in manipulating microorganisms. Perseverance pays off, a saying that we live up to!

Smaltis collaborates with experts to provide complementary solutions, addressing all your various needs. The team benefits, for example, from a strategic partnership with RD-Biotech, specialized in the biomanufacturing of plasmids and antibodies.

Smaltis is a member of networks working on microbiome-related themes, such as the Programming Committee of the Polepharma Microbiomics Days, to stay closely attuned to the developments and needs of this sector, the challenges you face, and the solutions to be provided.

Smaltis has the necessary equipment and tools for culturing even the most demanding microorganisms, be it bacteria, yeast, or molds. Smaltis has demonstrated its capabilities with a wide range of species and strains. The laboratory is equipped, among other things, with an anaerobic station that allows for precise regulation of growth atmospheres.

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