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Experts in construction of tools for bioproduction and preparation of microbial products

Aware of the potential of using microorganisms to produce biological molecules, Smaltis has developed proprietary microbial genetic editing technology. Thanks to its genetic engineering know-how, Smaltis constructs your bioproduction tools by customizing the genome of your bacterial producers or your expression plasmids to give them new properties or optimize existing ones.
Our expertise in microbiology and molecular biology also allows us to offer a service of bioproduction of genetic material and microbial products.

Optimize your research projects and bioproduction tools by entrusting them to specialized researchers

Do your projects require the construction of genetically modified bacterial strains, expression vectors, or the production of biological material? We can meet all your needs!

Starting material:

  • Your own BSL1 or BSL2 strains
  • Your own expression vectors
  • Data from the literature
  • Our own biological resources (see our Strain collections offer)

Proprietary tools and a tailor-made approach to support your projects

Meeting diverse needs and applications








Study of the MoA and/or interaction of a compound with a strain,
Study of the functionality of a gene,
Evaluation of protein expression

Verification of the efficacy of diagnostic kits,
Obtaining reporter systems/biomarkers

Improvement of productivity,
Elimination of contaminants,
Simplification of steps,
Reproduction of a “free to use” mutant,
Modification of the expression system,
Obtaining a “safe to use” strain


Genome modification of bacterial strains by deletion, replacement, gene insertion, or directed mutagenesis

Construction and optimization of plasmids: cloning, construction of cell lines, and expression control

Preparation of biological material:
• Calibrated microbial suspensions
• Microbial genetic material
• Competent bacteria
• Inactivated bacteria

Our promise: Rigor and perseverance to shape the desired tools

To meet the challenges posed by the evolving bioproduction market, a growing need for new technologies can be observed. In addition to our tools and experience, our researchers engage with expertise and perseverance to tackle these challenges with you. Simultaneously, Smaltis invests in R&D projects to build innovative bioproduction tools.

Smaltis has been able to implement tailored tools and carry out mutant construction in various species such as Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Pseudomonas fluorescens, Acinetobacter baumannii, and Klebsiella pneumoniae, using clinical isolates or reference strains available from bioresources.

From its early days, Smaltis embarked on the construction of a strain for use in bioproduction, in the Pseudomonas aeruginosa species. To achieve this, our R&D team deleted 1% of the genome of the reference strain PAO1, conferring a phenotype of antibiotic hypersensitivity and hypovirulence. This project aims to provide a new model and new technical solutions to improve the production of biologicals.

Publication : Targeted Genome Reduction of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Strain PAO1 Led to the Development of Hypovirulent and Hypersusceptible rDNA Hosts. 

On the other hand, Smaltis researchers have also created a strain of Escherichia coli from the BL21 strain, in which the genes encoding for the DE3 phage has been deleted. This deletion provides bioproduction stakeholders with a bacterium whose protein expression is governed by the T7 promoter without the risk of releasing DE3 phages into the production environment.

Smaltis is involved in an innovative collaborative project to develop a gene delivery method for the controlled release of therapeutic proteins, with considerable medical benefits. Smaltis is enthusiastic about taking part in this project to develop an innovative, highly versatile gene transfer technology platform, which seeks to offer economic, environmental and therapeutic benefits, while improving the comfort of patients suffering from chronic diseases.

The production of biological material offered by Smaltis, whether it’s inactivated bacteria, competent strains, microbial suspensions, or genetic material preparations, systematically and rigorously involves quality controls essential for validating the produced samples. These controls are based on precise calibration, purity analysis, verification of inactivation and competence properties.

They trust us

Testimonials and references

Head of Infection

The advancement of Technophage's therapeutic pipeline products has received crucial support from SMALTIS in the scope of genetic modification of bacterial strains. Throughout this collaborative effort, the SMALTIS scientific team has demonstrated remarkable commitment to resolving various technical challenges, successfully aligning with our objective of acquiring a set of strains for our internal utilization, all within the stipulated timeline.

Cell Biology Lab Manager,
Immunodiagnostic Reagents,
DIACLONE SAS part of Medixbiochemica

Smaltis is a long-term partner with whom we have established a privileged relationship. We work in highly complementary domains and collaborate regularly to provide a comprehensive offering to our clients, utilizing microbiology and molecular biology services that we specifically require. We engage them for services such as sample contamination analysis, production of competent bacteria, and preparation of suspensions of inactivated strains for the development of new monoclonal antibodies. A true bond of trust has developed, facilitated by the geographical proximity of our respective locations and easy communication with their teams, whose flexibility, tenacity in problem-solving, and quality of work are crucial for us.

PCR Development Expert

As part of the development of a simple, rapid molecular test for the detection of certain pathogenic micro-organisms in milk, we needed to work with a company with expertise in microbiology. We were looking for a qualified and experienced laboratory to prepare calibrated microbial suspensions and purified genetic material from different bacterial species. By identifying Smaltis, we were able to fully achieve our objectives thanks to the expertise of their team. We now regularly rely on this trusted partner for our recurring needs.

Caroline GEBUS
Bioprocess Scientist
OM Pharma

We use Escherichia coli strains to manufacture our Uro-Vaxom® product for the prevention of recurrent lower urinary tract infections and co-treatment of acute urinary tract infections and, in accordance with regulatory requirements, we must demonstrate the stability of our strains. We therefore asked SMALTIS to develop a tailor-made quality control method. In addition to their ability to listen to customer needs and propose new ideas, the SMALTIS team has also distinguished itself by the quality and accuracy of its analysis reports. At present, the partnership established with SMALTIS is a real asset for OM Pharma.

Director of Pharmaceutical Development

During our program to develop and industrialize the production of our Kinoïdes® vaccines, SMALTIS has proven to be a partner of choice for optimizing one of our cytokine production systems. Its service consisted in optimizing the genetic heritage of the host bacterium by excising DNA from exogenous sequences. Very attentive and with a rare expertise in microbiology, the SMALTIS team has always been benevolent and has never hesitated to guide us by providing sound advice. It is with pleasure that we will again call upon the services of SMALTIS to help us in our next challenges.

Associate Professor in Cell Biology
Unité CTM, Inserm U1231, Université de Bourgogne

To test the impact of mutations identified in cancer patients, we needed to reproduce them in an expression plasmid in order to measure their effects in cell transfection models. So we turned to Smaltis and their expertise in genetic engineering. The team understood our needs perfectly, and was able to efficiently implement the directed mutagenesis strategy to obtain the desired plasmids, while guaranteeing their high quality. As a result, we were able to rapidly carry out test manipulations, which proved conclusive and enabled us to obtain the preliminary data needed to submit a major funding application. We were fully satisfied with the team's professionalism in managing this project, and with the regular and easy exchanges of information on the progress of the manipulations. We look forward to working with Smaltis again in the future.

News and articles


Smaltis attends the 34th edition of the ECCMID international congress, renamed ESCMID Global, in Barcelona from April 27 to 30, 2024. This clinical microbiology and infectious diseases event is one of the largest and most important congresses in the field of infection, bringing together over 16,000 participants from all over the world to contribute to the dissemination of scientific knowledge.


Sanofi Vaccines R&D Day

Smaltis attends the Sanofi Vaccines R&D Day, organized by Sanofi in partnership with Lyonbiopôle, Enosis Santé and Polepharma!
This event aims to foster partnerships around 5 themes: antimicrobial approaches, therapeutic vaccines and antibodies, mucosal or skin delivery of vaccines, immunology, and antigen design. Quite a program!

Cédric Muller will be present at this event, which will take place on April 11, 2024, at 14 Espace Henry Vallée in Lyon.


Viruses at the service of humanity?

Once upon a time, the English bacteriologist Ernest Hankin demonstrated for the first time the presence of anti-bacterial entities in the waters of Indian rivers, putting humanity on the path to a promising anti-infectious therapy that is more relevant than ever.


Microbiota & Health Day 7th edition

Smaltis is delighted to be taking part in the 7th edition of Microbiota & Health Day, organized by Lyonbiopôle and Alliance Promotion Microbiote, on March 26, 2024 in Lyon. The aim of this day is to bring together academic, clinical and industrial players to discuss topical issues that are driving innovation in the field of microbiota and their impact on health.


AMR Conference 8th edition

Smaltis is happy to participate to the 8th edition of AMR Conference in Basel from March 6th to 7th 2024, a platform for SMEs, start-ups, big pharma, academia, investors and public institutions to discuss strategies and specific challenges faced by the innovation ecosystem in bringing new antimicrobial treatments and diagnostics to the market.


The same… But better!

The year 2024 marks the 10th anniversary (already!) of the Smaltis adventure! 10 years of microbiology, 10 years of molecular biology, 10 years of passion, 10 years of twists and turns, 10 years of growth, 10 years of self-reflection, 10 years of continuous improvement, 10 years of scientific spirit, 10 years of ambition, 10 years of collaboration, 10 years of human relationships…

It was necessary to celebrate this milestone, and not just by blowing out the candles.


The Polepharma Microbiomics Days

Smaltis is delighted to have participated in and sponsored, for the fourth consecutive year, the Polepharma Microbiomics Days, held in Rouen on November 22 and 23, 2023.


The man who wanted to extend lifespan

Once upon a time, more than a century ago, Elie Metchnikoff hypothesized that health could be improved, and senility delayed by modulating the intestinal microbes thanks to bacteria present in yogurt. This zoologist and microbiologist was thus one of the first scientists to take an interest in gut microbiota and what we now call probiotics, the consumption of which he claimed helped to fight against aging.

This is the story of “the man who wanted to extend lifespan”.


All our sincere wishes

In this new year that begins, let’s take the time…

Let’s take the time to extend our best wishes to you, from the bottom of our hearts. It seems essential to us, during these periods conducive to gratitude, to prioritize human relationships as the most important aspect of our lives.